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Living Water for Today

It amazes me how today so many are made to feel comfortable in their sin and even when offered the opportunity to repent of their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation, they are comforted and coddled. When speaking to someone about the state of their soul and presenting them with the Gospel message, why are so many so readily willing to snatch a quick salvation prayer from the person simply to notch a checkmark on their belt as someone who just got saved. How dare we actually make that person take a stand for Christ. How dare we speak the truth to them-a truth which confronts and is offensive to the unsaved. How dare we speak with boldness and challenge them in their sin-in such a way to bring contrition and sorrow to that person. How dare we actually make them stand up and be…

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40 Days for Freedom

Hey everyone,

Part of what we are supposed to do as leaders is not only lead people to Christ, but help them grow in Christ and be who they are called to be. One way we can do that is through fasting. Fasting is the giving up of something, either food, social networking, television, people can fast anything. Many churches to a fast at the beginning of the year in order to set the tone for the year.

I also believe what happens in the natural can and does happen in the spiritual as well. In about six weeks we are going to be celebrating our Independence Day here in the United States. It is a weekend that represents Freedom, and this year I am believing that God is going to be breaking people free from things that have held them down in the past.

So this year we have taken on a new endeavor that will become an annual event. 40 Days for Freedom. A 40 days of whatever is getting in the way of you and God getting closer. Whatever is in the way of you and God having a deep conversation and He reveals something to you. Whatever you need to do in order to spend time with him. We know we all have jobs to go to and things we are responsible for, we are not telling you to free yourselves from those.

Will you join us? Check out our website at as well as our 40DaysForFreedom Facebook page as well. We would love to have you experience supernatural freedom!

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I’m Pregnant!

Gods promises come true at impossible times. Your circumstances do not determine God’s plans.

Abraham’s circumstance  said “No way. It is impossible to have a live, active seed at 100 years old.” Sarah’s womb is dried up, no way can children at 90.

What are you believing God for? What promise has He given you? IS there any way it could happen today? If it is impossible, then it’s time for that thing to happen. Everyone one of us should be “pregnant” with something. Whatever the Holy Ghost has impregnated you with you had better get ready because it is just not for you, it’s for the generations to come as well.

Just like Abraham, you may have something in your life you know has to be put out. You know you have to get rid of that bondage in your life that is affecting everything around you. You need to get rid of that thing and things attached to it. Yes, you may have made a mistake, but your promise is waiting, the thing God has for you needs your attention, your focus, and need to be your main priority. Get rid of your Ishmael and focus on your Isaac. It’s not going to be easy. You may feel sorrow, regret, and probably a few other emotions as well but you also know it’s got to go!

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The Appointed Time

Genesis 18:14 “Is there anything too hard for the Lord? At the appointed time I will return to you, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.”

I was reading this passage this morning and first thing that stood out was the first question. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? I think we would all agree No, there isn’t, but our faith is sometimes shaken with no the ability, but the willingness to work on our behalf. Is it too hard? No, but is He willing to work for me is the question.

The next concept I noticed is “the appointed time” and “the time of life”. God said he would be back after the son was born. He wouldn’t be back in three months or even six months, but at the appointed time according to the time of life. God has His timing and His seasons for everything.

Finally, Sarah shall have a son. I wish we as a church would become so steadfast in God’s word that we will actually believe Sarah shall have a son. Whatever God has promised you, whatever He has said, it shall come to pass. When that word was spoken it was just like God speaking the world into existence, that word went forth and it was set in motion. The Earth was set in motion years ago and is still controlled today simply by the word He spoke…then.

I pray today your faith becomes stronger in “Sarah shall have a son.” It will be in the “appointed time”. NO fear, God has spoken His word over you.

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How valuable are you?

  It never fails. You are walking through a store, any store, and you find the item you are looking for and begin to see all the options for that item. Some are more expensive, some are less. The price depends on the a variety of different factors. Sometimes it is an unusual ingredient, sometimes it is in the process by which it is developed.

The same is true with us humans. All of us are different. We have different educations, we have been through different processes and trails in our life that have mold is into who we are today. So is one person more valuable than another? No. We all have been bought with the same price.

Jesus paid the price for us with His blood. We all have been paid with the same price no matter if we are accepting of that fact or not. There is not one person that is worth more than any other. Jesus loves all of us the same and has paid the same price for all of us as well.

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Things I learned from moving

This past weekend we moved into a new residence. New neighborhood, new zip code, the whole nine yards. There are a few things I learned over the last week.

1. You may never know the extent of the mess you’re in, while you are still in it. When we moved everything over, we noticed everything was covered in a film. We hadn’t noticed while we were living there, or perhaps had just gotten used to it. When we moved, we realized we had to wash everything before moving into the new(er) place. We came to conclusion it was coming from the air ducts and the circulation system. We can get like this in life as well. We are in the place we are in and though we realize it is not the best situation, we don’t know how bad that situation is. The outside is noticeable, but the inside can be just as dirty if not worse.

2. Once you experienced the new, going back does not become an option. We stayed overnight in our new place the first night we could. We took the bare necessities with us and experienced the new situation, the new environment, the new place. When we had to go back to the other place, we noticed the differences in the places. The atmosphere, the smells, everything had changed. Once God has moved you into the new things He has for you, going back to that old life is not an option anymore. This new life should not act, look like, or smell like the other one.

3. There are things that do not belong in this new. We had some items that were needed to live in that old place. When we began moving things into the new place, they did not have a place there. There were things that could not carry on the same function as they did in the old place, therefore, they became worthless to us and we disposed of them. There are things we left behind, there are people we left behind, there are even feelings we left behind. Once God puts you in a new place, those old things are not going to be usable in the new place.


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Use me Lord

We all would like to be used by God in a great way. At times though, it isn’t going to be preaching a sermon, laying hands on people for healing or deliverance. There are times when God is going to use you just to love someone. Perhaps that guy on the street that has no one else. Perhaps that young lady at school with no friends or the widow that just needs someone to talk to. God is love, Jesus showed it, we need to as well. Sometimes it is letting God take care of a situation and not going off the deep end or flying off the handle.

There was a phrase I have heard a lot “Sometimes you are the only Jesus some will ever see.” If we aren’t loving people than what kind of Jesus are we showing. Kindness goes a long ways nowadays. Lord use us today to do Your will and walk in your ways.

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